Glenn Crossin

Coordinator and Advisor Honours
BA - University of Maine
BSc - University of New Hampshire
MSc - University of British Columbia
PhD - University of British Columbia
NSERC PDF - Simon Fraser University, and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UK)
NSERC Visiting Fellow - DFO West Vancouver Laboratory

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    behavioural ecology, evolutionary physiology, animal physiology, freshwater and marine fish, birds, telemetry, physiological sampling techniques

    y lab has interests in all aspects of animal physiology, behaviour, and ecology. Research efforts are focussed primarily, though not exclusively, on freshwater and marine fish species, and on birds. Telemetry and physiological sampling techniques are major tools in our research.

    Sampling macaroni penguins at a large breeding colony at Bird Island, South Georgia

    Specific interests include the physiological and evolutionary responses of animals to natural and anthropogenic stressors. By coupling telemetry and physiological sampling techniques, I examine how individual variation in physiological condition affects migratory performance and future reproductive investment and organismal fitness.

    Whenever possible, I also seek to apply these findings to issues concerning the conservation of aquatic and avian resources, with the aim of understanding, and hopefully predicting, the response of populations to environmental change.

    Classes in which Glenn currently teaches: Biology 4900 Biology Undergraduate Honours

    Courting Grey-headed albatrosses,
    newly reunited after winter migration


    Undergraduate Honours Positions:

    I anticipate having one or two positions available each year for Undergraduate Honours Thesis students (e.g. BIOL 4900). Ideally, thesis projects would involve some field work and data collection, but may more typically involve laboratory and/or data analyses. Ultimately, most projects will have a focus on the physiological underpinning of life-history variation, in either fish or birds, and will usually involve telemetry and behavioural data. Honours projects are a great introduction to research, to what life would be like in graduate school, and to what science is like as a career.

    Selected Publications

    Crossin GT, Trathan PN, and Crawford RJM. 2012. The Macaroni Penguin (Eudyptes chrysolophus) and the Royal Penguin (E. schlegeli). In: Penguins: Natural History and Conservation (P Garcia-Borboroglu and PD Boersma, Eds.). University of Washington Press, Seattle. In press.

    Cooke SJ, Crossin GT, and Hinch SG. 2011. Pacific Salmon Migration- Completing the Cycle. Invited contribution to: The Encyclopedia of Fish Physiology: From Genome to Environment (AP Farrell, Ed.), vol. 3, pp. 1945-1952, Academic Press, San Diego.  PDF

    Crossin GT, Poisbleau M, Demongin L, Chastel O, Williams TD, Eens M, and Quillfeldt P. 2012. Migratory constraints on yolk precursor production limit egg androgen deposition and underlies a brood reduction strategy in rockhopper penguins. Biology Letters 00:000-000. doi:10.1098/rsbl.2012.0476

    Numbered female macaroni penguins in a study of breeding physiology and egg production

    Cooke SJ, Hinch SG, Donaldson MR, Clark TD, Eliason EJ, Crossin GT, Raby GD, Jeffries KM, Lapointe MJ, Miller K, Patterson DA, Farrell AP. 2012. Conservation physiology in practice: How physiological knowledge has improved our ability to sustainably manage Pacific salmon during up-river migration.  Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B 367:1757-1769.  PDF

    Crossin GT, Trathan PN, Phillips RA, Gorman KB, Dawson A., Sakamoto KQ, and Williams TD. 2012. Corticosterone predicts foraging behaviour and parental care in macaroni penguinsThe American Naturalist 180:E31-41 (E-article).  PDF

    Crossin GT, Phillips RA, Trathan PN, Fox DS, Dawson A, Wynne-Edwards KE, and Williams TD. 2012. Migratory carryover effects and endocrinological correlates of reproductive decisions and reproductive success in female albatrosses. General & Comparative Endocrinology 176:151-157.  PDF

    Crossin GT, Dawson A, Phillips RA, Trathan PN, Gorman KB, Adlard S, and Williams TD. 2012. Seasonal patterns of prolactin and corticosterone secretion in an Antarctic seabird that moults during reproductionGeneral & Comparative Endocrinology 175:74-81.  PDF

    Crossin GT, Trathan PN, and Williams TD. 2012. Potential mode of clutch size determination and follicle development in Eudyptes penguins.  Polar Biology 35:313-317. PDF

    Crossin GT, Trathan PN, Phillips RA, Dawson A, Le Bouard F, and Williams TD. 2010. A carry-over effect of migration underlies individual variation in reproductive readiness and extreme egg size dimorphism in macaroni penguins (Eudyptes chrysolophus)The American Naturalist 176:357-366.  PDF

    Edwards EWJ, Forcada J, and Crossin GT. 2009. First documentation of leopard seal predation on South Georgia pintail duckPolar Biology 33:403-405.  PDF

    Crossin GT, Hinch SG, Cooke SJ, Cooperman MS, Patterson DA, Welch DW, Hanson KC, Olsson I, English KK, and Farrell AP. 2009. Mechanisms influencing the timing and success of reproductive migration in a capital-breeding, semelparous fish species: the sockeye salmonPhysiological & Biochemical Zoology 82:635-652.  PDF

    Hinch SG, Farrell AP, Cooke SJ, Patterson DA, Lapointe MF, Welch DW, English KK, Crossin GT, Miller K, Thomson RE, Van Der Kraak G, Olssen I, Shrimpton JM, and Cooperman MS. 2009.  Using physiological telemetry and intervention experiments to examine the maladaptive shift in Fraser River's Late-Run Sockeye Salmon spawning migration.American Fisheries Society Symposium 69:891-894.