Police Leadership Development

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The Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development offers two certificates for Law Enforcement and Policing professionals who are looking to move up the ranks and gain new leadership and supervisory skills.

Finding time for professional development can be hard, but the demanding schedule of police work has met its match. Our certificates are self-paced with a variety of course hours:

Certificate in Police Leadership has been designed to develop a range of effective theory-based strategies and skills that will enable individuals to lead successfully in today's high-pressure, high-stakes, publicly visible and rapidly evolving climate all while holding true to your organization’s foundational principles.

Certificate in Police Supervisory Skills provides new strategies and skills for managing people in the unpredictability of a high-pressure, high-stakes police work context.

Individual Courses

Choose from a diverse selection of courses for police leadership development. These courses can be taken individually or as part of a certificate program. Here is a summary of the available courses:

  1. Casino Gaming Investigations: Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the legal landscape of casinos and iGaming in Canada. Understand the risks of money laundering, fraud, sports betting, and match fixing. Cost: $1,045.

  2. Evidence-Based Policing: Learn how to strategically utilize research evidence to inform management and decision-making. Duration: 12 weeks. Cost: $1,045.

  3. Leadership Dynamics: Enhance your leadership skills by exploring the five practices of exemplary leadership and the importance of credibility and relationship-building. Duration: 12 weeks. Cost: $1,045.

  4. Ethics in Action: Examine the application of professional ethics to individuals and organizations, with a focus on its role in leadership. Duration: 12 weeks. Cost: $1,045.

  5. Global & Domestic Terrorism: Acquire a comprehensive understanding of terrorism as a complex social phenomenon and a significant domestic and global security issue. Explore the latest research and perspectives. Duration: 12 weeks. Cost: $1,045.

  6. Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication: Enhance your communication skills by learning the best theories and practices for effective communication in society. Duration: 12 weeks. Cost: $1,045.

  7. Coaching Skills for Leaders: Develop coaching skills to assist others in improving their job performance. Explore the coaching leadership style and its impact. Duration: 12 weeks. Cost: $1,045.

These courses provide valuable knowledge and tools for aspiring and current police leaders seeking professional growth and development.