Dalhousie, together with Atlantic Business Magazine and its Top 50 CEOs, plus 10 other universities, is making business schools and the business community more inclusive. This is essential for ongoing growth and prosperity in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

The Promise Scholars program at Dalhousie was created by the Faculty of Management in 2020 to recruit, retain, support and graduate more Black and Indigenous students. It offers financial aid and wraparound supports at the undergraduate and graduate level in the faculty’s four schools.

In spring 2021, the Promise Scholars program grew to include all business schools across Atlantic Canada working together, becoming the Atlantic Promise Scholars Initiative. Led by Dalhousie, it reduces barriers and builds supports to ensure more Black and Indigenous people become empowered to lead the business community regionally and beyond.

All members of the business community are encouraged to support the Promise Scholars program at the university of their choice. If that’s Dalhousie University, click the Donate Now button to be directed to our online giving page or contact Lori Bauld (

Atlantic Business Magazine partnership   

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Through a partnership with Atlantic Business Magazine, the profile of this regional initiative is raised through editorial content in both the magazine’s print and web editions. Further, Atlantic Business Magazine is encouraging its Top 50 CEOs past and present to support and promote the Promise Scholars program at the university of their choice.

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University partners

Through the Atlantic Promise Scholars Initiative, ten other universities work together in partnership with Dalhousie University and Atlantic Business Magazine to raise funds for their individual Promise Scholars programs supporting Black and Indigenous students.

Please explore donor opportunities by contacting our partner schools:    

Together, let’s make a difference

We are all dedicated to this region’s continued prosperity and know certain changes—specifically, encouraging diversity in business—will make our region stronger. Diversity in the profession strengthens communities and increases innovation in the workplace, overall profits, and employee performance and satisfaction. If our classrooms and boardrooms include representation from across our diverse community, then our businesses and organizations will become stronger and more sustainable. You can help accelerate change to make this a reality.

Together, we can make a difference by strengthening business programs and ultimately helping create more inclusive businesses for society’s betterment.

Contact Lori Bauld ( for more information about the Atlantic Promise Scholars initiative.