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Career Development Opportunities

Management Career Services continues to engage alumni with career development opportunities. Participating in career development after graduation will continue to strengthen your network and knowledge of the Canadian job market.


Want to improve your application? Want to debrief the interview? No need to be on campus when help is a few clicks away. Management Career Services offers a series of webinars (online seminars) for students and alumni.


Students are eager to learn and make connections with those who came before them. As alumni, you have walked in their shoes and understand what it takes to be successful. Become a mentor to the next generation and join our Rowe School of Business Alumni Mentoring Program.


To stay connected to the academic and business communities we offer alumni to speak in the classroom, be panelists, judge competitions and host events. If you would like to engage with Faculty of Management students, please contact Anna Cranston, Director of Management Career Services.

To strengthen your connection with the local business community, alumni are encouraged to attend guest lectures and other special events in the Faculty of Management. To be notified of upcoming events, contact the Faculty of Management's Alumni Relations Officer, Marianne Hagen.