Course Selection Guide


MPA (M) Course Selection Guide


Completed Courses: 

Recommended courses to be completed towards the beginning of the program: 


Government Structures, Policy Formulation, Strategic Financial Management, Managerial Economics and Research Methods


Fall 2019

Winter 2020

Spring/Summer 2020


Strategic Financial Management H/W

Government Structures  H

Policy Formulation H/ O


Research Methods H/O

Human Resource Mgmt H/O

Business & Government H/O


Managerial Economics H/O

Strategic Management in the PS H/O




Managing the Information Resource H/W



Risk Management in PS  H

Intergovernmental Relations H/O

Municipal Government  H/W


Management Skills Development (With MBA FS/L)








Fall 2020

Winter 2021

Spring/Summer 2021


Government Structures  H/O

Policy Formulation H/W

Managing Information Resources H/O


Research Methods H/W

Strategic Financial Management H/O

Human Resource Mgmt H/W


Strategic Management in the PS H/W

Business & Government H/W

Intergovernmental Relations *NEW March 2021



Managerial Economics H/O



Public Service Leadership (H)

Program Evaluation (H)



Management Skills Development (with MBA)





Fall 2021

Winter 2022

Spring/Summer 2022


Strategic Financial Management W

Government Structures (Multi. timezone)

Policy Formulation (Virtual)


Research Methods E/A and W

Human Resource Mgmt H/O&W timezones

Business & Government (Virtual)


Strategic Management in the PS E/A and W

Managing  Information Resources H/O&W timezones




Managerial Economics H/O timezones



Mgmt Skills Dev (with MBAFS/L) E/A and W


Municipal Government  (Virtual) 


Management Skills Development (With MBA FS/L) T/W

Intensives will be offered virtually

Intensives will be offered virtually


Public Economics (new Apr21) E/A

in the Winter 2022 term

in the Summer 2022 term



Fall 2022

Winter 2023

Spring/Summer 2023


Managing the Information Resource online

Policy Formulation 

Government Structures  TBD


Human Resource Mgmt online

Managerial Economics

Business & Government TBD


Strategic Financial Management online

Strategic Management in the PS




Research Methods



Program Evaluation online

Risk Analysis and Mgmt in the PS

21st Centrury Public Service Leadership TBD


Intensives will be offered virtually

Intensives will be offered virtually

Intensive format TBD






Fall 2023

Winter 2024

Spring/Summer 2024


Human Resource Management

Strategic Financial Management

Business and Government


Research Methods

Managerial Economics

Strategic Management in the PS


Policy Formulation

Managing Information Resources




Government Structures 



MPA(M) Elective TBD

Program Evaluation

MPA(M) Elective TBD


Elective:MIM, MBA Leadership or MBA Financial Services course - If available



Please note: This is a tentative schedule and subject to change.  Courses and intensive locations offerings are subject to minimum enrolment
H/O/W  = Halifax and Ottawa and Western (City TBD)
E/A= Eastern/Atlantic timezones (virtual intensives)

Recommended courses to be taken as your first courses in the program:

·         Government Structures

·         Policy Formulation

·         Strategic Financial Management

·         Managerial Economics

·         Research Methods

Highly recommended that you take Strategic Management in the Public Sector toward the end of your program.


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Updated January 2023

Please note: These Syllabi are subject to change. They are from the last offering of the course and will give you a good general idea of the course outline, learning objectives and assignments/scheduling.