Scholarships and Bursaries

Entrance Scholarships

Going to university is investing in your future. We want to support students who have the potential to shape our campus community. Dalhousie's entrance awards recognize academic achievement and your unique skills and abilities. High school students admitted to Dalhousie's Halifax campuses are eligible to apply for our general entrance award program by March 15 of each year. Please visit the Money Matters website for more information.

In-Course Scholarships

Students who do not currently hold a renewable scholarship are automatically considered annually for in-course scholarships. GPA and course load requirements apply. Visit the Money Matters website for more information. A more comprehensive list of scholarships can be found in the undergraduate academic calendar.

Other awards come to our attention during the course of the academic year, such as Outstanding CEO of the Year Scholarship, CA of Nova Scotia Scholarship and Canadian Financial Executives Medallion Award Scholarships. Notification to students, with criteria and procedures, is normally by e-mail.


Dalhousie University's Bursary program provides funds to help students experiencing certain types of financial difficulty. Undergraduate Bursaries are meant to assist students in financial need. Bursaries are typically smaller amounts of money ($200-$600), intended to supplement other funding sources. Bursaries won't make up a major part of your funding, but they can fill in the gaps. For more information on applying for a Bursary – as well as helpful tips on managing your finances – check out the Dalhousie Money Matters website.