Supply Chain and Logistics Management

In addition to the core courses, students must complete the following four courses:

Plus four of:

NOTE:  ECON courses satisfy "electives" (not COMM/MGMT electives)

Career options for Supply Chain and Logistics  Management majors

From procurement to production, and to the final delivery of goods and services, Supply Chain and Logistics Management encompasses, within and among the extended enterprises, a coordinated operation of all business functions, which aims to fulfill customer orders at the right time and place. With experiential learning our unique major prepares students for the professional workforce in the global marketplace. Upon successful completion of this major, students will be confident in framing supply chain and logistics problems and in using analytics to derive effective and efficient managerial decisions that are values-based and sustainable.

  • analyst
  • consultant
  • graduate researcher
  • supply chain manager
  • customer service manager
  • international logistics manager
  • inventory control manager
  • logistics manager
  • logistics services salesperson
  • production manager
  • purchasing manager
  • transportation manager