Health Law Students' Association

The Health Law Students' Association (HLSA) was established at Dalhousie Schulich
School of Law in September 1988 and is a member of the Law Students' Society.

The objectives of the HLSA, as stated in their Constitution, are:

  • to generate, foster and develop student interest in the field of Health Law;
  • to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas and for the discussion of issues related to Health Law;
  • to serve as an academic and professional resource for Association members and for the greater community;
  • to liaise with students, faculty, alumni and professionals in the field of Health Law; and
  • to promote fellowship among members.

Health Law is a rapidly developing field of legal study and practice in Canada and around the world and offers an expansive range of career possibilities

Throughout the school year the HLSA hosts a variety of educational and social events aimed at expanding students' awareness of health law opportunities and providing contacts with professionals working in the field.  Faculty members of the Health Law Institute are also available to the HLSA to discuss their research and to inform students about course offerings, academic exchange opportunities, and career possibilities.

Contact the Health Law Students' Association at: