Our Mission

The Law and Technology Institute (LATI), based at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law, aims to promote legal research, education, and leadership in technology law and policy, particularly from a Canadian perspective. In that mission, we seek to enhance public awareness and understanding of the legal, policy, and ethical challenges posed by existing and emerging technologies; inform and guide Canadian public policy; and encourage inter-disciplinary problem-solving, teaching, and research.

Leadership and Impact

Founded in the early 2000s when the Internet was still emerging as a transformative force in society, LATI seeks to lead and impact technology law and policy in a variety of ways.

We pursue research, teaching, and organize law school and community events relating to law and technology.  We also publish Canada’s leading technology law journal—the Canadian Journal of Law and Technology (CJLT). According to the Washington & Lee Law Journal Ranking Report, the CJLT consistently ranks among the most cited, current, and impactful technology law journals internationally. And in addition to offering a range of technology related law courses for students, we also co-founded Dalhousie’s interdisciplinary Master of Electronic Commerce Program, which will soon be re-launched as the new, innovative, and cross-disciplinary Masters in Digital Innovation (MDI) Program. The MDI will be offered jointly with Dalhousie’s Computer Science, Business, and Management Faculties.