The James Robinson Johnston Chair

About the James Robinson Johnston Chair Position
Who We Are, What We Do, and Our Aims and Objectives

• An Endowed National Senior Academic Chair established at Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
• Based in Halifax to honour and recognize the unique historical presence of African Nova Scotians.
• To lead and support knowledge mobilization endeavours on Black Canadian and related studies.
• To further develop and mobilize research on Black peoples in Canada, and the African Diaspora.
• A resource for the study of Black Canada.
• To internationalize Black Canadian Studies through research, and scholarship, and collaboration with national and international scholars and institutions.
• To train young scholars in the diverse disciplines of African Canadian studies.
• To foster an understanding of the cultural diversity of Black Canadians.
• To create a bridge between the academy and the wider African-descended communities.
• To connect local, national, and international Black communities.
• The James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies is currently housed in the Faculty of Medicine's Department of Community Health and Epidemiology.