Centre for Collaborative Clinical Learning and Research



Facilitating an integrated approach to learning

The Centre for Collaborative Clinical Learning and Research supports the development of critical diagnostic and patient care skills through simulation-based learning and assessment methods. Health care students, residents and practicing professionals will use the centre to:

  • practice conducting interviews and physical assessments
  • develop procedural skills
  • enhance patient-centred communication skills

A safe place to practice

Purpose-built for interprofessional learning, the centre presides over more than 1900 m2 of space that includes:

  • A simulation centre for specialized clinical skills training in the health science professions.
  • Simulated patient care labs, clinic rooms and seminar rooms.
  • Specifically designed homecare, rehabilitation and hospital settings to enable realistic, simulation-based learning.

A wide range of experience

The centre offers experience from simulated patient educators (SPEs) of diverse backgrounds, and a procedural skills coordinator. These educators specialize in the delivery of simulation-based learning and assessment across a range of health education curricula:

  • teaching
  • curriculum design
  • OSCE development
  • remediation
  • self-assessment
  • patient-centred communication skills
  • feedback skills