Student Research

Helping students acquire research knowledge and experience is a critical part of our curriculum. Master’s students are required to complete either a research project or Master’s thesis to meet the requirements of their degree in speech-language pathology or audiology.

Master’s Research Project

Faculty supervisors offer a selection to choose from each year to students. Topics vary. Master’s students who complete a project will receive their project assignments at the end of the 1st year of study. SCSD Project Guidelines provide information related to project assignments and project completion requirements.

Master’s Thesis

There are two routes to entry into the Master’s thesis track. Applicants to the program can apply to do a Master’s thesis. Thesis applicants are strongly encouraged to contact faculty members directly to discuss topics. Alternatively, Master’s students can apply to enter the thesis track in the first semester of their program. Thesis topics vary and reflect the expertise and interests of students and faculty who supervise them. SCSD Thesis Guidelines provide information about the process of completing a Master’s thesis.

Doctoral Students

Individuals interested in completing Doctoral studies should discuss their research interests with individual faculty members. Applications should be made to the PhD in Health Program through the Faculty of Health Professions.


Master’s Thesis and Doctoral students are encouraged to pursue external funding through federal, provincial or other sources. Students should access the Faculty of Graduate Studies Thesis Regulations for information about thesis and defense requirements.

Ethics Review

Students conducting research on human subjects are governed by the Tri-Council Ethics Guidelines and must submit their research for ethics approval to a Research Ethics Board, usually at Dalhousie University. Information about ethics process, guidelines and forms can be found on the Research Services website.