Undergraduate Program

A solid base for an exciting career

After completing the prerequisite courses, you are eligible to apply for our undergraduate program. During the four-year program, you will complete courses that will help you understand everything from how drugs get into and work in the body to how to pick the best drug for a patient based on the scientific evidence. You'll also learn how to explain these concepts to patients and other health care providers. This is achieved through a variety of courses broadly categorized as:

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) therapeutic blocks: Learning in a case-based format with and from peers in 2-hour discussions, supported by lectures from faculty experts.

Critical Appraisal Series (CAS): Learning about how and where to find information about drugs and therapeutics. Learning how to determine if the information you find is relevant to the patient you are helping.

Skills Lab: Learning how to make medicines by compounding. Learning how to communicate what you've learned in other courses both verbally and in writing, with patients and other health care providers.

Practical Experience Program (PEP): Applying what you've learned in a supervised practice setting with a trained pharmacist preceptor.

What you’ll need

We want to make sure you have the essential skills and background for a successful pharmacy education. Find out if you meet our admission requirements before you apply.

How to apply

Interested in starting your journey towards a career in pharmacy? Whether you want to be a pharmacist or a researcher, this is your first step. Find out how to apply.

What you’ll learn

As an undergraduate student, you’ll learn from a well-rounded curriculum that includes a variety of topics like anatomy, drug interactions and pharmacy law. By the time you’ve completed your program, you’ll be prepared to pursue qualifying as a licensed pharmacist in Canada.


Contact Student Affairs Kaylon Fraser at pharmadm@dal.ca or 902-494-3824.