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Whether you want to become a pharmacist, do a residency or conduct research, the College of Pharmacy has a program for you.

Undergraduate program

Our undergraduate program, which leads to a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), provides all the necessary groundwork for a successful pharmacy career. By participating in a variety of components, including tutorials, classes and a skills laboratory, you will learn important concepts like pharmacy law and drug metabolism.

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Graduate program

This research-intensive program is designed for students with a Bachelor of Science degree or Health Professional degree (including Pharmacy) who wish to pursue work as a pharmaceutical researcher or academic. As a graduate student, you’ll participate in a core class that provides a strong general base, and specialized classes that allow you to focus on your particular area of interest.

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Residency program

This residency program is perfect for pharmacists who wish to gain valuable practical experience in a hospital environment. Over twelve months, you’ll participate in structured rotations in a variety of areas, providing you with the experience you need to become a highly qualified hospital pharmacist.

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Preceptor development program

Our preceptor development program gives preceptors the skill they need to provide excellent mentorship to students.

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