Admissions Requirements

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To be considered for acceptance, you must either be a student enrolled in the final year of a Canadian entry to practice pharmacy degree program (e.g. BSc (Pharm), PharmD) or be a licensed and practicing pharmacist in direct patient care in Canada.

In addition to Canadian citizens, we will also consider landed immigrants who are currently practicing pharmacists in Canada and possess a strong motivation to attain a high level of competency in the practice of pharmacy.


Incoming pharmacy residents must be licensed/registered with the pharmacy regulatory authority in the province of their residency program and in their appropriate practitioner category (e.g., intern, or direct patient care pharmacist) and including if applicable holding a valid first aid and CPR certification as per the regulatory requirements for the province of their licensure at the time they start the residency program. 

Residents who are pending results of the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada  (PEBC) Qualifying Examinations Part I (MCQ) and Part II (OSCE) are expected to license as a direct patient care pharmacist as soon as passing results are known and the applicable time service for licensure has been completed. 

The residency program site coordinator will serve as the preceptor for the required time service by the provincial pharmacy regulator. 

All pharmacy residents shall hold a valid direct patient care pharmacist’s license/registration by January 1 of the year following their admission, assuming PEBC exam results are available, and credentials have been processed by the pharmacy regulator. This allows the resident a second attempt to successfully pass a failed first attempt of the PEBC exam(s) and time for processing of credentials by the provincial pharmacy regulator. It is expected the resident will sit for the next available exam if they fail on the first attempt. If licensure is not possible due to unsuccessful writing of the PEBCs after 2 attempts, the resident will be dismissed from the program. 

Residents must hold a valid license/registration as a direct patient-care pharmacist to be eligible to successfully complete the residency program and receive the ACPR designation. 

The resident will bear the costs of licensure/registration. 

Should the resident complete an elective rotation outside of the province of their residency program, they may be required to license/register in the other province according to the policies of the host site and province, and at the resident’s own expense. 

While only those selected for an interview will be contacted, we encourage all interested individuals to apply.