Mission & Vision

SHAValues (10 x 4.25 in)
Text reads: Strategic Plan, Build, Bolster, Breakout


Direction 1

Advance transformational

teaching & learning by

  • enhancing student experience
  • preparing innovative health system leaders
  • championing excellence in innovative teaching


Direction 2

Advance the research enterprise, by

  • championing health policy and systems research & innovation
  • expanding and enhancing student research & innovation opportunities
  • continuing strategic recruitment and mentoring of high-performing researchers


Direction 3

Engage local & global partnerships by

  • strengthening parternships with local, regional and global health systems and community groups
  • collaborating interprofessionally with Dalhousie Schools & Faculties
  • Pursuing global partnerships, collaborations, coalitions and linkages

Direction 4

Build, bolster and break out by

  • Increasing enrollment and diversity of programs
  • exploring new initiatives with private sector
  • exploring global health initiatives in post-Covid era

Direction 5

Advance Equity and Diversity agenda by 

  • Embeding ULD and CRP principles within our ongoing review processes for how and what we teach
  • implementing EDI best-practice guidelines across the School's materials (including print, online and social media)
  • Intergrate EDI Committee's (FH) forthcoming framework for supporting equity-seeking groups across the work of the school

Our Master of Health Administration

The Vision

To prepare health leaders who will foster the continuous transformation of health systems, with a view to maximizing the quality, access, and sustainability of these systems.

The Mission

We will equip learners with the requisite competencies, knowledge, and skills for providing effective, evidence-informed leadership across health systems using a curriculum guided by pedagogical best practices.

Our Values

Accountability     Collaboration     Excellence         Respect

Integrity             Leadership         Professionalism     Lifelong Learning

Social Responsibility     Inclusivity    Equity & Diversity