Why Your GPA Matters

Once your top 5 discipline choices are submitted and the deadline closes - students will be placed strictly on their Grade Point Average (GPA) and the space available in the program. GPA calculations are based on only the common core courses in the engineering discipline. 

Conditional placement in a discipline is based on your marks in the engineering program. Students with a GPA of 3.50 or greater who have completed all Year 1 courses will automatically be placed in the discipline of their choice. Students with a GPA of less than 3.50 but higher than 2.00 will compete for remaining discipline places. Students with a GPA of less than 2.00 will not be placed. 

It is important to complete all your first year courses, those who have will be given priority over those who have not. If you have not met the requirements of the Diploma of Engineering program - you will not be admitted to the third year of the Bachelor of Engineering. 

By the end of Year 2 if your GPA is less than 2.00 - you will lose your placement.

Deferring a Placement

It is possible to defer your placement to the following year. If you do defer your placement to the following year - you must reapply. Students who reapply will be given priority. Those who do not reapply or if their GPA is below 2.00 will not be considered.

Losing a Placement 

It is possible to lose your placement after it has been assigned. Failure to maintain a GPA of 2.00 or higher will result in your placement offer being rescinded.