Food Science Labs

Research facilities

  • fats and oils laboratory
  • seafood chemistry laboratory
  • product development laboratory
  • sensory evaluation laboratory
  • food process engineering pilot plant
  • low temperature storage facility
  • food physical properties laboratory
  • food microbiology laboratory

These areas contain specialized instruments and food processing equipment to enable experimental processing, laboratory analysis, and product storage evaluation. In addition to a computer-controlled cold-storage facility, the pilot plant is equipped for experimental food processing including freezing, thermal processing, chilling, dry-ing and smoking, centrifugal separation, meat/bone separation and modified atmosphere storage.

The pilot plant is especially well equipped for thermal processing with a modern automated retort capable of steam, steam-air, or water immersion processing research. The specially designed cold-storage facility is computer controlled and particularly useful for the study of changes in foods as a result of frozen storage history. The pilot plant is also equipped with a custom-built computer-controlled heat pump dryer for use in food dehydration experiments.

Specialized laboratory equipment includes:

  • automated high performance and fast protein liquid chromatography systems
  • gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy system
  • Iatroscans Mark III and 5
  • Zetaphore meter IV
  • preparative ultracentrifuge
  • analytical and preparative electrophoretic/isoelectric focusing equipment
  • capillary electrophoresis system
  • universal testing machine
  • various colourimeters
  • U.V. and visible spectrophotometers
  • spectrofluorometer
  • electrokinetic analyzer
  • differential scanning calorimeter
  • controlled stress rheometer with a high temperature/pressure attachment
  • controlled rate rheometer
  • optical shearing system
  • rolling ball viscometer
  • computer workstation for modelling food systems
  • equipment for molecular microbiology