Master of Engineering (MEng)

Within the department of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University, candidate can apply to a degree of Master of Engineering (MEng) in:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Engineering

The Master of Engineering (MEng) is a courses-based degree that requires at least seven courses, completion of the departmental gradate seminar requirements and a project.  The MEng is a professionally-oriented terminal degree (which does not lead to a PhD).

An MEng project need not involve the discovery or creation of new knowledge, as is the case in a MASc or PhD.  An MEng project must show the student’s ability to carry through to completion an engineering project of a credible level of difficulty that draws on the knowledge and experience gained through advanced undergraduate and graduate mechanical and material engineering course work.  Therefore, the MEng project (and by extension the MEng degree) has no to little research work.

Note: Financial support is not available for MEng students.

Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to any of the graduate programs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In order to be considered for admission by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, an applicant must first be selected by a potential supervisor (faculty member) in the department.  Each faculty member in the department is given the opportunity to review the files of applicants interested in this faculty member’s research or expertise area.  If the faculty member has research position openings and/or projects and/or funding available, they might opt to select an applicant to potentially work under her or his supervision (or co-supervision).  Once selected, all the applicants must be confirmed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Registrar’s office before acceptance is granted. 

In view of this, it is strongly suggested that potential graduate applicants (MEng, MASc and PhD) contact one or more potential supervisors (faculty members), specifically those in areas of similar interest, both expertise and research, well before submitting an application to begin the conversation, and see if those potential supervisors have the projects, funding, availability and the interest in being a potential supervisor. 

Program requirements

The MEng degree requires 7 courses, of which two may be a senior undergraduate course.

All courses required to meet the degree requirements are considered essential courses.  Essential courses can include any required undergraduate or prerequisite courses.  Any courses taken in excess of the requirements are subject to approval by the supervisor.  These courses will appear on the student’s transcript as regular courses. 

All MEng degree candidates must pass all graduate level courses and approved undergraduate courses with a grade of at least B-.  Graduate students are allowed to repeat only one course during their programme.  Graduate students are not eligible to write supplementary examinations.  Transfer credits from other university will be considered on a case by case basis.

All MEng candidates must pass an oral examination of their projects after it has been submitted in satisfactory form.

In addition to meeting the grade requirements, failure to maintain an acceptable academic standing will result in a student being removed from the programme.  Failure to achieve the minimum mark as noted above shall be considered ground for dismissal.

Seminar requirement

The purpose of the graduate seminar is to provide graduate students with exposure to a variety of research projects and activities in order to enrich their academic experience.  The seminar also provides the department members with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with all the graduate students within the department and learn about each student’s research activities.  Finally, the seminar provides student with an opportunity to develop skills in presentation and discussion of research topics in a public forum.  The seminar is run as a one-day research conference every April.

MEng candidates are required to complete at least one seminar presentation during the duration of the residency period, while attending every year while registered in the program.

Length of program

This degree normally takes from 12 to 18 months to complete.

Research areas

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Solid mechanics
  • Combustion & environment
  • Energy and heat transfer
  • Energy modelling
  • Mechanical design
  • Micro-machines/MEMS
  • Manufacturing
  • Grinding
  • Control systems and robotics
  • Finite element modeling of advanced materials for manufacturing processes

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, or related field, from a recognized college or university
  • Minimum entrance GPA of 3.0/4.3 (equivalent to a B at Dalhousie University)
  • Two sealed official copies of transcripts from all previous degrees (graduate and undergraduate) from all institution attended.  This includes exchange program and any courses taken outside of your home universities.
  • Two letters of reference submitted either electronically or by mail.
  • A full curriculum vitae (CV) highlighting personal academics, work and research history, publications, awards, scholarships and extra-curricular activities. 
  • A statement of interest, not exceeding two pages, explaining their areas and subject matter of interest, listing potential supervisors the applicant has already talked to and obtained positive feedback from. 
  • English proficiency minimums:
  • Instruction in English or
  • TOEFL – 580 (paper based) or 237 (computer based) or
  • IELTS – overall band of 7.0

The Faculty of Graduate Studies sets the minimum admission standards that are required for entry into graduate programs.

Application forms can be found under Dalhousie admissions for graduate studies.

Contact information

Subject Code: MECH
Tel: 902-494-1288
Address: Faculty of Engineering, Graduate Studies & Research Office, Sexton Campus, 1360 Barrington Street,
Halifax, NS, Canada, B3J 2X4
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Robert Bauer