Mechanical Engineers make our world a better place - from building more environmentally-friendly cars to designing the intricate machinery of a prosthetic hand to exploring renewable sources of energy.

Of the many engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering is the broadest. Our graduates go on to become innovators and industry leaders in a variety of fields including land, air, sea and space transportation, primary and secondary manufacturing industries, energy supply, conversion and utilization, environmental control and industrial management.

Academic programs

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a dynamic learning environment with hands-on learning opportunities through labs and co-op work terms. With approximately 250 undergraduate and 50 graduate students, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers strong academic programs aimed at meeting the needs of modern industry. 


The department consists of 24 full-time faculty members and 5 technical staff. Our professors are dedicated to their field, accessible to students and bring industry expertise, real-world experience and creativity to the classroom.


At the Faculty of Engineering, you’ll find a dynamic and active research community and state-of-the-art facilitites. One of Canada’s top research universities, Dalhousie attracts more than $140 million in research funds annually.

Major research areas within the Department of Mechanical Engineering include:

  • Systems and design
  • Energy and heat transfer
  • Fluids
  • Applied mechanics and dynamics
  • MEMS
  • Bio-medical engineering

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to providing a safe and healthy work and study environment, and any safety-related concerns can be sent to the Department at the following email address: mechsafe@dal.ca