Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Civil and Resource Engineering at Dalhousie University offers strong programs aimed at meeting the needs of Canadian industry. All first-year students will complete the core engineering program and will apply to their desired discipline in the winter term of first year.

Program options:

Note:  New admissions to the Bachelor of Engineering Program in Mineral Resource Engineering are suspended. This Program will continue to be delivered to any admitted students until all students have graduated or the time allowed for program completion has elapsed. Any student that is dismissed or voluntarily leaves the program during this time will not be readmitted to the program.


What you'll learn and do with a BEng degree

The Faculty of Engineering at Dalhousie provides a well-balanced technical education. We prepare graduates to practice in design, research, development, fabrication, testing, processing, construction, operation, planning, sales, and management. The opportunities in engineering are virtually limitless, allowing you to pursue a career in almost any field, in any industry, in any location around the world.