Why Study Here?

The Department of Civil and Resource Engineering at Dalhousie provides an educational experience that will prepare you to become a successful professional, capable of undertaking both life-long learning and further advanced studies.

Our programs

We offer co-operative and non-co-operative undergraduate programs that aim to develop engineers who will be successful in their careers, able to address technological and societal challenges.

We also provide opportunities for both course-based and research-based master's degrees and earned doctorates. These graduate programs aim to develop highly-qualified postgraduates who are self-motivated, independent and clear-thinking individuals capable of undertaking an independent research program.

About our undergraduate disciplines

Civil Engineering (BEng)
Civil engineers provide a major contribution to society – they design and construct the infrastructures we use every day – from the roadways we travel on to the power stations that provide our homes with electricity. Learn more about our BEng in Civil Engineering.

Environmental Engineering (BEng)
Environmental Engineering is a rapidly-growing discipline. Increasingly engineers are faced with the challenge of integrating environmental objectives into design decisions. Students learn various approaches to environment-based design, waste management, water and soil quality, energy conservation and renewables, and air quality.Learn more about our BEng in Environmental Engineering.

Get set for an exciting career

Civil & Resource Engingeering at Dalhousie prepares students for a variety of careers in the civil and mineral resource industries.

Civil Engineers can look forward to careers in engineering, consulting and construction companies, as well as government public works and transportation departments in the areas of structural, environmental and water resources, geotechnical, and transportation.

Environmental Engineering career positions are found in national and international petroleum companies and power utilities, manufacturers of environmental and energy efficient products, environmental consulting companies, provincial and national Government departments such as Natural Resources, Environment, Forestry, Agriculture and Food to name just a few.

Mineral and resource engineers find careers within the Atlantic region, throughout all regions in Canada and North America, and overseas, from employers in the areas of mining, petroleum, government, and industry research facilities, consulting companies, and financial institutions.