Campus Accessibility and Inclusion

Your engineering degree might start at Dalhousie’s Studley or Truro campuses or at one of the Associated Universities. No matter where you’ve started, you’ll eventually join our community on Sexton Campus where we hope your experience will be a memorable one.

Our faculty is continuing to work towards improving accessibility and inclusion on campus with updates to buildings, improved access to gender neutral and female washrooms, on-campus supports through the Melda Murray Student Center, and on-going support of student-led organizations and events focused on celebrating our diversity and building our community.

Our goal is for you to see yourself reflected in the culture, activities and events offered on campus. Our faculty and partnering student groups and organizations hold webinars, speaker series and events throughout the year to highlight the contributions and successes within our professional community and to provide mentorship opportunities for your as you move forward in your degree.

If you have a concern about accessibility or inclusion on Sexton campus, we encourage you to reach out to, speak with your department, or contact the Student Accessibility Center.

Please check out the following links to learn more about some of the supports and opportunities available on campus:

Resources and Supports: