Honours in LJSO

LJSO Honours Program Checklist

Are you interested in taking honours in LJSO?

If you are thinking of taking concentrated honours or combined honours in LJSO, this is what you need:

1.     Students normally apply for honours during the summer before their final year of study; after you have received the grades for your Winter courses.  At this time your average GPA in the core and elective LJSO courses  (i.e., excluding outside electives and other general B.A. requirements, such as in the sciences or languages) should be 3.3 or above. Some exceptions and leeway may be possible. If you have any questions with respect to your eligibility, please consult the LJSO program coordinator before submitting your application.

2.     For honours program requirements, see https://www.dal.ca/faculty/arts/law-justice-society/programs.html. You need a grade of C or above in each course that counts toward your BA honours.

3.     You have found an advisor/supervisor for your honours thesis.

4.     You have a topic for your honours thesis (agreed with advisor/supervisor). The topic can be summary and provisional, but the area of your thesis needs to be quite specific by the time you submit your thesis application form to LJSO (see also point 6).

5.     You have filled in the honours application form for FASS (Deadline: August 31 before the start of your final year); and the thesis form for LJSO.
: If your honours emphasis is in a different subject, you do not write a thesis for LJSO, and no thesis form is required.

6.     You have discussed your honours plans with the LJSO Coordinator. FASS honours application forms must be signed or counter-signed (in the case of combined honours) by the LJSO Coordinator. LJSO thesis application forms must be submitted to the LJSO Coordinator by September 16 (start of your final year).