Drawing on a wide range of relevant courses from several different disciplines, the program offers students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the role of law in relation to other social institutions. It also facilitates the understanding of the historical development, political uses, and place in philosophical traditions of concepts and practices of law and justice. The program will also help students critically evaluate, apply, and engage in research and analysis focused on law and justice.

Top Reasons to Study LJSO at Dalhousie University

  • Learn about the law from an interdisciplinary perspective, by taking courses from different programs and departments, such as History, Political Science, Sociology, and Philosophy.
  • Explore your interest in human rights and how the law comes into play in the protection or violation of the rights of different groups in varying contexts.
  • Discover how restitution programs and restorative justice are working—or not—in various situations, from post-genocide Rwanda to the Residential Schools program for Indigenous children here in Canada.
  • Understand the role of both governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in assessing human rights performances and achieving law reform.
  • Understand the historical evolution of laws and their relation to political and cultural events.
  • Participate in practicum opportunities in community organizations and services that are engaged in the development and reform of law and public policy.