Course Offerings 2020‑2021

Summer 2020 Course Offerings

Please note these are subject to change as all summer courses have been mandated to have online delivery only in response to COVID-19.

Summer 2020 Dates Instructor
COMM 2603: Legal Aspects of Business*
May 4-Jul 27, 2020 MacMaster, K.
INTD 3101 Special Topics**
Topic: Law and Development
June 4-25, 2020 Peavoy D.

*COMM 2603: For summer 2020 this course will be offered online using Dalhousie's Brightspace Learn System. You are required to have daily access to a computer with high speed internet access. To determine whether you are ready to take an online class see: For summer 2020 this online course is being made available to students outside the faculty of managment who have achieved 2nd year standing and/or meet the prerequisites. Please contact if you are interested in taking this course.

** INTD 3101 has recently been added to our list of courses and therefore may require a waiver (consult department)


Course offerings for 2020-2021

**Please note Fall term classes will be via online delivery

(this list is subject to change and should always be verified against the official timetable)

Core Courses

FALL 2020

Instructor Days Time


Instructor Days Time

LAWS 2510.03: Intro to Law

TR 1635-1755

LAWS 2520.03: Intro to Law

Acharya, N TR 4:35-5:55
HIST 3226.03: Law & Justice in Canadian Society to 1890 Crooks, K.

HIST 3227.03 Law & Justice in Canada 1890  

Crooks, K. Section 1
R  1135-1425

Section 2
T  1435-1725

SOSA 3285.03: Sociology of Law

Bryan, T
MW 10:05-11:25

PHIL 2020.03: Legal Thinking

Jeffers, C. TR 1435-1555

LJSO 3000.03: The Process of Justice

Staff MW 5:35-6:55
SOSA 3285.03: Sociology of Law Bryan, T
WF 1005-1125
        LJSO 4000.03: Honours Seminar in Law, Justice and Society
Denike, M C/D C/D

List A: Legal Studies Electives

FALL 2020

Instructor Days Time

WINTER  2021

Instructor Days Time
        COMM 2603: Legal Aspects of Business Staff MW

ENVS 3200: Intro to Environmental Law Mushkat, P.   Online - Asynchronous ECON 2212: Law & Economics Staff   Online-ASYNCHRONOUS
HIST 2715: A Global History of Incarceration   Kynoch, G
  Online - Asynchronous EMSP 2480/HIST 2750: The Pirate and Piracy Kow, S. MW
MGMT 2200: Legal Environment of Management Klapstein, R.
EMSP 3430: Theories of Punishment
POLI 2230: Municipal Law - City Good, K.


Online - Asynchronous JOUR 3339: Ethics & Law for Journalists Jobb D. T
POLI 3510: Politics of Pandemics Atkison, L.
  Online - Asynchronous PHIL 2475: Justice in Global Perspective Forde C. MWF
POLI 4505: Human Rights Legal issues
Atkison, L. Online - Asynchronous and Synchronous (times will be announced at a later date.) PHIL 3211: Philosophy of Law Kapusta, S MW 1305-1425
SOSA 2181: Explaining Crime and Criminal Behaviour Bryan, T
  Online - Asynchronous POLI 2215: Canadian Aboriginal Politics Firmini, M. TR 1135-1255
SOSA 3148: Drugs, Health and Society
Martin, F   Online - Asynchronous POLI 2220: Structures of Cdn. Parliament and Government Pruysers, S. MW 1005-1125
SOSA 3260: Deviance & Society: Making Norms Gazit, T.
  Online - Asynchronous

POLI 3206: Constitutional Law and Politics in Canada

Manning S.
WF 1005-1125
        POLI 3378: American Politics, Polarization and Crisis Finbow, R
MW 1135-1255
        POLI 3426: Sex, Race, and the State Denike, M.
        POLI 3505: Human Rights: Foundations

Sarson, L.

TR 1305-1425

POLI 4390: NGOs & Government Services

Denike, M.

        PSYO 3224: Forensic Psychology Blais, J.   Online-ASYNCHRONOUS
        SOSA 3281: Youth Crime Gazit, T. M 1435-1725
        SOSA 4005: Issues in Social Justice & Inequality Guy, J.
      For Winter 2021 only HIST 4500
Topics in Modern His: Organized Crime in US Hist,
Toulin, A. W 0835-1125

List B: Optional Electives

FALL 2020

Instructor Days Time


Instructor Days Time
ECON 4360/PHIL 4361: Ethics, Justice, & Economics Staff MW 1305-1425        
HIST 2006: The Atlantic World 1450-1650
Staff MW 1435-1555 HIST 2007: The Atlantic World 1650-1800 Roberts, J. TR 1435-1555
HIST 3056: The Holocaust Staff F 0935-1225 HIST 3053: Fascist and National Socialist Movements in Europe Bingham, J. MW 1605-1725
PHIL 2490/CSCI 3101: Soc/Ethi/Prof Issues in CSCI
Abramson, D MW 1605-1725 POLI 3208: Cdn. Provincial Politics
Carbert, L
TR 1005-1125
POLI 2210/PHIL2210: Unity and Diversity Carbert, L
TR 1435-1555        
POLI 2520: World Politics French, G TR 1305-1425        
POLI 3532: Model UN Staff
POLI 3581: Diplomacy and Negotiations
Bow, B MW 0835-0955        
POLI 4240: Policy Formulation in Canada Caron, I.
SUST 4125: Conflict Negotiation and Sustainability Bergel, A W 1735-2025