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Cross‑Appointed Professors



Email address

Peter Arthur Political Science peter.authur@dal.ca
David Black Political Science david.black@dal.ca
Aldo Chircop Law aldo.chircop@dal.ca
Sarah Jane Corke History sarah-jane.corke@dal.ca
Margaret Denike Political Science m.denike@dal.ca
Lindsay Dubois Sociology and Social Anthropology lindsay.dubois@dal.ca
Katherine Fierlbeck Political Science k.fierlbeck@dal.ca
Elizabeth Fitting Sociology and Social Anthropology elizabeth.fitting@dal.ca
Pauline Gardiner-Barber Sociology and Social Anthropology pauline.gardiner.barber@dal.ca
Frank Harvey Political Science frank.harvey@dal.ca
Anders Hayden Political Science anders.hayden@dal.ca
Lois Jackson School of Health and Human Performance lois.jackson@dal.ca
Chike Jeffers Philosophy chike.jeffers@dal.ca
Jeff Karabanow School of Social Work jeff.karabanow@dal.ca
John Kirk Spanish and Latin American Studies john.kirk@dal.ca
Gary Kynoch History gary.kynoch@dal.ca
Patricia Lane Biology patricia.lane@dal.ca
Shao-Pin Luo Chinese Studies sluo@dal.ca
Gordon McOuat History of Science and Technology gmcouat@dal.ca
Brenda Merritt School of Occupational Therapy b.merritt@dal.ca
Raymond Mopoho French raymond.mopoho@dal.ca
Brian Noble Sociology and Social Anthropology brian.noble@dal.ca
Robin Oakley Sociology and Social Anthropology robin.oakley@dal.ca
Greg Scherkoske Philosophy greg.scherkoske@dal.ca
David VanderZwaag Schulich School of Law david.vanderzwaag@dal.ca
Yoko Yoshida Sociology and Social Anthropology yoki.yoshida@dal.ca
Philip Zachernuk History philip.zachernuk@dal.ca