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Dean's Office Team

FASS Administration - Dean's Office

Dr. Frank Harvey
Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
E-mail: fassdean@dal.ca           
Telephone: 902-494-1439

Cathy Smith
Dean's Assistant
E-mail: cathy.smith@dal.ca
Telephone: 902-494-1439
Dr. Krista Kesselring
Associate Dean Academic
E-mail: fassadac@dal.ca
Telephone: 902-494-1254
Dr. Howard Ramos 
Associate Dean Research
E-mail: howard.ramos@dal.ca
Telephone: 902-494-3130
Dr. David Matthias
Assistant Dean, Student Matters
E-mail: asstdeanfass@dal.ca
Telephone: 902-494-6898

Dr. Justin Roberts
Assistant Dean,
Academic Integrity Officer
E-mail: justin.roberts@dal.ca
Telephone: 902-494-3633

Sylvia Nielsen
Faculty Administrator
E-mail: sylvia.nielsen@dal.ca
Telephone: 902-494-1441
Dr. Sarah-Jane Corke
Faculty Secretary
Email:  sarah-jane.corke@dal.ca
Telephone:  902-494-2099

Genevieve MacIntyre
Faculty & Alumni Communications Officer
E-mail: genevieve.macintyre@dal.ca
Telephone: 902-494-6288

Lori Ward
Director of Development
Email: lori.ward@dal.ca
Telephone: 902-494-5179

Paulette Chiasson
Assistant to Administrator
& to Associate Dean Academic
E-mail: paulette.chiasson@dal.ca
Telephone: 902-494-2843

Norma Ranieri 
Assistant to Assistant Dean, Student Matters & to Assistant Dean, AIO. Receptionist
E-mail: n.ranieri@dal.ca 
Telephone: 902-494-1440