European Studies Approved Classes

Note: Students should note that some classes may have prerequisites or other departmental restrictions, and some classes may not be offered in every year.
Other Classes, not on this list, may be appropriate. Please consult an ES Advisor.

Approved Classes

All classes

Religious Studies

  • RELS 1002.03: Judaism, Christianity & Islam
  • RELS 1201.03: Gods, Heroes & Monsters I
  • RELS 1202.03: Gods, Heroes & Monsters II
  • RELS 2002.03: Christianity
  • RELS 2025.03: Nature, the Human, Community and the Divine in the Pre-Modern West
  • RELS 2026.03: Paganism
  • RELS 2027.03: Magic Religion and Philosophy
  • RELS 2203.03: Philosophy and God
  • RELS 2282.03: Catholicism
  • RELS 2365.03: Philosophy on Trial
  • RELS 2366.03: Gods, Beasts and the Political Animal
  • RELS 3008.03: Medieval Church
  • RELS 3019.03: Meetings Between Hellenism, Judaism and Islam until the Renaissance
  • RELS 3381.03: Medieval Philosophy from Augustine to Anselm
  • RELS 3382.03: Medieval Philosophy from Arabic and Jewish Thinkers to Aquinas
  • RELS 3411.03: Augustine’s Confessions I
  • RELS 3412.03: Augustine’s Confessions II
  • RELS 3432.03: St. Augustine on the Trinity Part II
  • RELS 3901.06: Neoplatonism
  • RELS 4505.06: Medieval Interpreters of Aristotle

Contemporary Studies

Early Modern Studies
All classes


  • ECON 2064.03/HIST 2064.03: Early Modern Economic History
  • ECON 2219.03: Euros and Cents: From Common Market to European Union
  • ECON 2239.03: European Economic History


Note: Fourth year seminars in English change from year to year. For classes appropriate for European Studies please consult the European Studies coordinator.

All classes (except classes on linguistics, and on Quebec, Acadian and other non-European francophone literature and culture)

Gender and Women's Studies

  • GWST 2300.03: Making Gender: Male and Female from Antiquity to Mary Wollstonecraft.
  • GWST 2320.03: Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe
  • GWST 3013.03: Sex and Gender in Reformation Europe
  • GWST 3250.03: French Women Writers
  • GWST 4402.03: Recent French Feminist Theory
  • GWST 4550.03: Literary Women of French Classicism

All classes


Italian Studies
All classes



Political Science

Russian Studies
All classes

Spanish and Latin American Studies


Approved Classes with some European content (please consult European Studies Coordinator)


  • COMM 3701.03: The Firm in the International Environment


  • ECON 3349.06: History of Economic Thought
  • ECON 3310.03: Economic Growth in Historical Perspective



Political Science

Sociology and Social Anthropology

  • SOSA 2200.06: Family in Comparative Perspective
  • SOSA 3005.03: Knowledge, Work, and Culture in the Contemporary World
  • SOSA 3206.03: Ethnicity, Nationalism and Race
  • SOSA 3401.03: History of Sociological Thought