Combined Honours in English (post September 2018)

Combined Honours in English (120 Credit Hours)

The Honours Program in English offers students the opportunity for intensive study, through seminar courses and individual research.  The Program provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in literature as well as for programs such as education and law.

Unlike admission to the Major program, admission to the Honours program is competitive and requires a special application, often made during the second year.  To be considered for the Concentrated or Combined Honours program, students must attain a 3.3 average GPA in upper-level English courses, and apply to the Undergraduate Advisor in English.


1.  Students must meet the Faculty requirements for Concentrated Honours, which include 66 to 84 credit hours in English above the 1000 level, 30-48 in each subject, including at least 18 credit hours beyond 2000 level in ENGL.  Among the English courses, students must take:

2.  One or more courses in each of at least four of the following areas, with two of the areas chosen from among areas 1-6

 1) Critical Methods (recommended)           2)Medieval                              
 3) Renaissance                                               4) 18th Century           
 5) Romantics                                                   6) Victorian

 7) Modern British                                            8) American
 9) Canadian                                                    10) Postcolonial/World Literature
11) Cultural Studies/Popular Culture          12) Writing/Creative Writing/Language

3.  9 credit hours at the 4000 level (including 4900.03 Honours Capstone if English is the primary subject)

4.  ENGL 4901.00 Honours Essay (if English is the primary subject)

Please consult the Academic Calendar for more detailed information.