2015 Dennis Fooshee Winners

Clare Murray Fooshee Poetry Prizes:

First Prize ($400): Rachel Edmonds for her Poem “Hourglass” [PDF - 93KB]

Second Prize ($300): Carrie Deleskie for her group of poems “Knowing Memory” [PDF - 256KB]

Third Prize ($200): Henricus Gielis for his poem “Hope in a Guts Bucket” [PDF - 320KB]

W.H. Dennis Prizes:

Joseph Howe Poetry Prizes:

First Prize ($250): Mitchell Brinton for his group of poems “Poetry in Response” [PDF - 87KB]

Second Prize ($150): Brittany Kraus for her poem “First Lesson”

James DeMille Prizes:

Short Story ($250): Jenna Herdman for “Between Bank and Bronson” [PDF - 255KB]

Essay ($250): Brandi Estey-Burtt for “Writing the Cry of the Body: Embodied Memory in Charlotte Delbo and Sarah Kofman” (Click here to read the introduction [PDF - 82KB])