Pythian Games 2022: Performances and Prizes


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Pythian Games 2022: Performances and Prizes

Posted by Classics Department on March 17, 2022

On March 11th of his year, the eleventh annual of our revived Pythian Games was held in the Scotiabank Auditorium, in a triumphant return to holding the Games in person. We had a wonderful variety of acts, and attendance was so substantial that we reached the room's reduced capacity. These were the well-deserved victors:

  • Atherton Prize: Dr. Mitchell's Advance Latin Class (Nigel Burns, Brendan Kay, Sam MacDonald, Matthew Nolan, Emma Oliver and Nerissa Zhang), An Abridged Life of Claudius
  • Alumni Prize: Hasan Alfarhan Imru' al-Qays, The Wandering King of Pre-Islamic Arabia declaims his Golden Ode on Love
  • Chair's Prize: Joanna Daley and Elsy Rytter, Demonstration of the Costume of a Roman Bride
  • Howard Murray Prize: Em Arruda, Hymn to the Sun and Muses
  • King and Queen's Prize: Angus Wilson, A Reading from the Old English Aeneid

We've also included some photos from the event below:

Brendan Kay and Anaïs Grant Church perform a ritual to open the games.

The sacrificial cow.

Angus Wilson performs a reading of the Old English Aeneid.

Dr. Emily Varto plays Ukrainian folk songs.

Em Arruda reads A Hymn to the Sun and Muses

Elsy Rytter and Joanna Daley demonstrate the costume of a Roman bride and her handmaiden.

Hasan Alfarhan Imru' al-Qays declaims the Golden Ode on Love

Dr. Mitchell's Intermediate Latin Class place slippers against the face of Claudius, here played by Dr. Eli Diamond.

Dr. Mitchell's Intermediate Latin Class take a bow following their performance.

Dr. Eli Diamond and Dr. Michael Fournier prepare to serenade the crowd with an adapted performance of Ritchie Valens' "Donna."

The King and Queen, Dr. Eli Diamond and Donna Edwards, in deliberation.

The Res Publica executive: Kyle Hardy, Emma Oliver, Anaïs Grant-Church, Hasana Tombs, Angus Wilson, and Brendan Kay (not pictured).