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FASS Essay Competition

The FASS Essay Competition is an annual contest for students registered at Dalhousie University.  There are three competitions with a prize of $4,000 each:  The Irving and Jeanne Glovin Award, the Mushkat Memorial Essay Prize and the Halifax Overseas Club Essay Prize.  Contest deadline for 2018 is Monday, February 26 at 4:30p.m. 


Download our list of frequently asked questions [PDF - 43 kB]. If you don't find an answer here, feel free to contact Dean's Office, FASS at 902-494-1440.

Congratulations to our 2018 winners

Irving and Jeanne Glovin Award
Brittany Kraus

"The Roach’s Revenge: “An Insect’s Play” of Suicide and Survival in Rawi Hage’s Cockroach" -EXCERPT [PDF - 158 KB]

View Brittany's presentation on YouTube

Mushkat Memorial Award
Will Keys

“Blackshirts and Bloodlands: A Comparative analysis of the Holocaust in Italy and Ukraine” [PDF - 222 KB]

View Will's presentation on YouTube

Halifax Overseas Club Essay Prize
Qi Chen

“More Than a GDP Booster” [PDF - 193 KB]

View Qi's presentation on YouTube


Past winners  

Irving and Jeanne Glovin Award
  2017 Scarlett Kelly

"Stereotypes in the Age of Diversity: Re-examine the Relations Between Natural Identity and Social Identity" [PDF - 470]

View Scarlett's presentation on YouTube

  2016   NOT AWARDED IN 2016
  2015 Brandi Estey-Burtt
"Love in a Spinning World: Love, Ethics, and Living Well with Others" - EXCERPT [pdf - 85 KB]

View Brandi Estey-Burtt's presentation on Vimeo

  2014 Sam Krawec

“Relating Responsibility:  Addressing Oppressive Wrongdoing” [PDF - 216]

View Sam Krawec's presentation on Vimeo

  2013 Nywani Albert-Howe "A Call to Cosmopolitanism:  Solving the Political Problem of Caring for One's Own" [PDF - 96KB]
  2012 Trisha Dempsey "The search for a societal catalyst with the capacity to motivate the inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities" [PDF - 255kB]
View Trisha Dempsey's Essay Presentation on Vimeo.
  2011 Emma Moore "Guilt Trips: A Personal Perspective on the Ethical Quandaries of Travel in the Developing World" [PDF - 400 kB]
View Emma Moore's Essay Presentation on Vimeo.
  2010 Sebastian Poissant Labelle "Uprooting Development" [PDF - 158 kB]
  2009 Caleb Lee "Intuition, Morality and Principles: Learning to be Good without Rules" [PDF - 54 kB]
  2008 Rebecca Mason "Reorienting Deliberation: Identity Politics and Good Human Conduct" [PDF - 166 kB]
View Rebecca Mason's Essay Presentation on Vimeo.
  Mushkat Memorial Essay Prize
  2017 Shannon Payne

"A Space for Knowledge: Diversity, Education, and Accessibility in Binti" [PDF - 327 KB]

View Shannon's presentation on YouTube

  2016 Brandi Estey-Burtt "Mapping the Body of the Colonial Past in Peter Carey's 'Jack Maggs'" 

Excerpt from winning essay [PDF - 155 KB]

View Brandi's presentation on Vimeo
  2015 Brittany Kraus

"Unmarked, Undocumented and Un-Canadian: Refuge(e)-less Space in Souvankham Thammavongsa’s FOUND" EXCERPT  [pdf - 280 KB]

View  Brittany Kraus' presentation on Vimeo

  2014   NOT AWARDED IN 2014
  2013 Katie Stockdale
"Toward Peaceful Coexistence:  Indigenous-Settler Relations in the Canadian Context" [PDF - 158KB]



  2012 Ana Vidovic "Beyond Tolerance - A Socio-Cultural Critique" [PDF - 209kB]
View Ana Vidovic's Essay Presentation on Vimeo.
  2011 Conor Noseworthy "Tolerance, Hate Speech, and Conflicting Human Rights" [PDF - 205 kB]
View Conor Noseworthy's Essay Presentation on Vimeo.
  2010 Kewoba Carter "Unity Through Sport: The Case of the West Indies Cricket Team" [PDF - 117 kB]
  2009 Kayleigh MacSwain "Environmental Racism and Social Memory: Stories from Africville and District Six" [PDF - 730 kB]
  2008 Charlene Davis View Charlene Davis's Essay Presentation on Vimeo.
  Halifax Overseas Club Essay Prize
  2017   NOT AWARDED IN 2017
  2016 Maria Fournier "Trading on Risk: How the War of 1812 Affected the Queen's Insurance Company"

Excerpt from winning essay [PDF - 316 KB]

View Maria's presentation on Vimeo
  2015   NOT AWARDED IN 2015
  2014 Jacob Sandler

“A Rhetoric of Queen and Country:  The Ironies of the Introduction to the 2013 Speech from the Throne" -[PDF - 389 KB]

View Jacob Sandler's Essay Presentation on Vimeo

  2013   NOT AWARDED IN 2013
  2012 Alison Froese Stoddard "The Birth of Canada's Multicultural Policy:  Plotting the Official Acceptance of Diversity" [PDF - 274kB]
View Alison Froese Stoddard's Essay Presentation on Vimeo.