Work with a Community Design Student

Interested in recruiting a Bachelor of Community Design student intern?

Undergraduate students in community design and planning can bring valuable skills to your work place. They are enthusiastic, skilled, and hard-working. They want to learn more about the nature of work in their field, and they value the experience they can gain from an internship placement. If you and your organization can benefit from having an engaged young person work with you one day a week during the winter semester (January to March), please download Work with a Community Design Student [PDF].

What kinds of work might be appropriate for an internship?

The students need a meaningful work experience to gain knowledge and test their skills. This may involve job shadowing, researching projects, writing reports or proposals, producing brochures or web pages, organizing meetings or events, developing plans, etc.

What do employer sponsors / mentors need to provide?

Sponsors need to provide clear expectations and appropriate challenges for the intern, provide direction and guidance, and assist the intern's learning. It is helpful to provide work space for the intern and to identify a specific project for the intern to work on. We ask that sponsors meet weekly with the interns to ensure that they are making progress on the work.

What compensation is required?

Sponsors with the means to do so are encouraged to pay interns. Those without the means may recruit volunteer interns.


At the end of the winter semester, the internship sponsor is asked to report on the student's activities and performance by submitting an Employer's Evaluation of a Planning Student [PDF] to the SITE Co-op Office.