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Creative Solutions for Teaching

Posted by stephanie rogers on July 10, 2020 in News

Dr. Richard leBrasseur teaches landscape architecture at the Dal AC.

For his 4th year design studio courses, it was important to set up a digital and virtual space in order to teach and share graphic critical thinking, problem solving iteration and design process as done with both analog (pen, pencil, paper) and digital means (tablet sketching).

The important tool in this graphic-based teaching and review process is a tablet and pen.

The office set up takes advantage of Apple’s extended-screen capabilities with three separate screens.  The MacBook Pro laptop serves as the main camera and hardware for the system with the iPad Pro 12.9" is  synced to the 32” HD Monitor via for a total of three screens.  

An adjustable arm provides the iPad with various heights for various applications such as drawing, touching and video conferencing. The adjustable arm has an attachment for a smartphone to position vertically over drawings to conduct synchronous and asynchronous design review sessions and lectures.

A flexible USB light provides appropriate facial lighting and ambient light is diffused with the window opaque film.

Applicable to other uses besides design disciplines.