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Walktober 2018 Trivia questions

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on October 10, 2018 in News

Each Tuesday in Today@Dal for the month of October a mystery location and question will be posted about the campus on which you work – Agricultural, Carleton, Sexton, Studley. By noon on Friday, email your answer to for a chance to win a weekly prize.

Feel free to answer questions about more than one campus. Each entry will also be included in a grand prize draw at the end of October.

Agriculture: There are two benches in the foyer of Cumming Hall’s main floor.  What do their plaques say?

Carleton: Who laid the cornerstone on the College of Pharmacy’s Burbidge Building (5968 College Street)?

Sexton: What is the name noted on the heritage property sign at the location of the SITE Cooperative Education Office at 1334 Barrington Street?

Studley: How many circular windows are there on the Steele Ocean Sciences Building (facing Oxford Street)?