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Elephant in the Room

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on February 16, 2018 in News

Please join the staff of the MacRae Library as we host an Educator from Dalhousie’s Human Rights and Equity Service’s for an Elephant in the Room session on February 22nd from 10am-1pm in the Rural Research Centre. RSVP to by February 20th as seating is limited.

The objectives of this session are:

·         Engage and promote the Dalhousie community in thoughtful, open-minded dialogue

·         Encourage global awareness and sensitivity

·         Discover ways to communicate and participate constructively in a diverse community

·         Understand how one’s own social location shapes one’s perceptions, ideology and values

·         To increase knowledge and improve beliefs about privilege and heighten awareness of privilege among the Dalhousie community

The focus of the diversity and inclusion conversation series is to provide an opportunity for students, staff and faculty to engage each other on topics of great interest to them. The goal of the conversations is to provide members of the Dalhousie community with an opportunity to explore issues of diversity and inclusion as it relates to local, regional, national, and the global regions that make up our student community.