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In the Media ‑ Dr. Sean Myles

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on January 18, 2018 in News
Cannabis buds
Cannabis buds

What's in your weed: Why cannabis strains don't all live up to their billing

Pot strains can have mixed-up genetics that don't always match what's advertised, experts caution.

Red Diesel, Moby Dick, Lemon Burst, or how about Girl Scout Cookies? All names for "bud," the cannabis flower, and when the black market product goes legal in Canada this summer expect some heavy marketing of fancy names and their tantalizing effects.

But plant scientists say the "sell" is hazy. Those buds have a mixed-up lineage and don't always match what's advertised.

It's about genetics, and cannabis is a mixed breed, to say the least.

With more than 100 creative names for pot, each variant is said to have slightly different properties and that translates into different effects, according to vendors.

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