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New Residence Life Team in Truro

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on July 13, 2017 in News
Paul Coffin
Paul Coffin

Congratulations to Paul Coffin who has been hired as a full-time Residence Life Manager in Truro.

Paul has considerable experience in the post secondary environment, including several years with Residence Life at University of St Anne.

This position includes the role of Residence Don for Chapman House. We are very lucky to have Ashley Coffin remain as Co – Don with Paul.

We are excited to see the Residence Life program grow under Paul’s leadership.

Amanda Greeves, NSAC Alumnus and former RA will join Paul as Residence Life Don in Trueman House.

Joel Peterson will expand his role on Campus (Joel is the assistant coach for our men’s basketball team) as the Don in Fraser House.

We are excited to introduce this team to Campus and look forward to their contribution to Student Life at Dalhousie AC.