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Meet the Aggies in your Neighbourhood

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on July 13, 2017 in News

To help celebrate and welcome new students to campus, we are profiling some of our current students that you may meet in your travels on your new path at the Faculty of Agriculture.

Alex Place

What do you love about the AC?

"It’s very difficult to narrow down, I’ve had a great time in my two years at the AC," says Place.  "The actual size of the campus is large and the leaders of the grounds crew Darwin, Brad and Marcus do a great job at keeping it beautiful. However, this doesn’t stop the welcoming community from giving students the opportunity to learn the names of nearly everyone else as well as become genuine friends with professors and instructors."

Are you involved in any extra curricular activities on the Agricultural Campus at Dalhousie such as sports, clubs or societies?

"Engineering society president, 2 summers as part of the grounds crew, Working at pub, O-week leader."

What are your future plans?

“Graduate with a Civil Engineering Degree from Dalhousie and complete the co-op work term program.”

Dalhousie has a variety of programs with co-op work term placements, these will allow you to test out your program in an actual work environment, gain great references or a potential career in the same placement.

What would be great places for new students arriving to go and see, any great hot spots you have found during your studies?

"The Barn Pub is a great place to make friends and memories at the AC, and it’s a stone throw away from the residence buildings… but don't test that."

What does it mean to an aggie? Can you explain for future students?

"Being an Aggie means being a proud AC student and doing one’s best to represent and contribute to a positive career building community."

Although Place is not quite finished his degree at Dalhousie, he has advice for future students who are joining the Agricultural campus (and Halifax campus) some advice for September:

"Take advantage of extra-curricular activities, without sacrificing grades. Just try to keep busy."

As a future student of Dalhousie, start looking up activities or clubs you would like to join and even though classes do not start until September – that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to become involved within the campus. See you in September!