Healthy Dal Services

Discount at GoodLife Fitness

Get moving by joining Dalhousie's GoodLife Fitness membership group and take advantage of reduced rates for you and your family, and the convenience of payments through payroll deduction. The Truro location of GoodLife Fitness is at 13 Queen Street. Learn more

Payments begin in advance of your membership and monthly payroll cutoff dates apply. The next deadline is October 5 for a November 1 membership start.

For more information contact or (902) 494-4568

Weight Watchers on Campus

Do you want to join a Weight Watchers group on campus? As part of Dalhousie’s Healthy Workplace initiatives, plans are underway to schedule a weekly meeting on the Agricultural Campus, if there is sufficient interest. The specific scheduling will depend on the availability of space and a group leader.

Payments can be arranged through payroll deduction or you can pay Weight Watchers directly. A 26-week At Work program costs $358.28 per person. Through payroll deduction, the charge would be $59.71 per pay for six pays, if paid monthly. Bi-weekly paid employees would pay $29.86 over 12 payments.

Please contact or (902) 494-4568 if you would like to participate so we can gauge the level of interest in proceeding. There is no obligation to join if you express interest. Sessions would start mid-October.