Certificate in Technology Education Program

Application deadline for the next cohort is June 21, 2019.  The next cohort will begin in September 2019.


Eligible students who submit their complete application with full supporting eligible documentation will be given priority in the acceptance process to each cohort.

If you are a teacher of technology presently working in Nova Scotia, you can upgrade and diversify the technology background with the Certificate in Technology Education.

Explore a variety of hands-on experiences and teaching methodologies that strengthen traditional skills and introduce new technologies to better meet the demand for qualified technology educators for the public school system.

Entrance requirements

You must have a valid Nova Scotia teacher’s license and be a current Technology Education teacher or a teacher designated to teach Technology Education.   

Program requirements

You must complete 10 approved courses with a cumulative average of 65 per cent. Eight of the 10 courses must be from the Faculty of Agriculture's course list. The other two courses are teaching methodology courses offered by Acadia University for this program. You will have a maximum of six years to complete the program. Courses are conducted outside regular school hours in evenings and summer sessions.

Note: It is the responsibility of individual teachers to ensure they comply with the requirements of the NS Department of Education for continuing education and upgrades.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 8 courses taken at the Faculty of Agriculture is $809.40/course

Tech Ed Program Fee is $185/course

*Please note Dalhousie reserves the right to make changes without notice in its published scale of changes for tuition and other fees

Acadia Online course tuition is set through Acadia University.


*In no particular order

Truro campus classes will run one evening a week from 5:30-8:30pm for 13 weeks. Wtihin those 13 weeks students will be required to participate in two full Saturdays to complete the hours needed for each class.

There will be two classes taken over the Summer time and run during the first two full weeks in July.  Those classes will run back to back, 7 days each, from 8:30-4:30 each day, excluding weekends. 

Students are responsible for arranging their own summer accommodations for the summer courses. 

Acadia University courses (delivered online)

  • EDUC 5873- Technology & Curriculum: Technology Studies -Online
  • EDUC 5053- Problems in Education: Technological Education and Sustainability - Online

*Please note that you will be required to apply to Acadia with a $50 application fee during your time in the program.  You will require your Dalhosuie transcript, to verify you are taking courses in the Technology Education program, which you will request after you have started this program.  The Program Manager in Extended Learning will collect your application documents required by Acadia to send in.  

What do I need to apply?

1)      Paper copy of the application form can be downloaded here [PDF].

2)      A copy of your NS Teachers License.
3)      A listing of all teaching experience
4)      All Post-Secondary OFFICIAL Transcripts. You DO NOT need your high school transcript
5)      Application fee of $70 by either cheque or state Visa or  Mastercard number on the form.
6)      Principal's letter of support if not currently a Technology Teacher.

Please forward all above information to Extended Learning on the Agricultural Campus in Truro, NS.

Note: DO NOT send to the Registrar's office in Halifax. Those applications submitted directly to Halifax will not be processed or considered for the current course offering. 

Send to:

Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture
Extended Learning, Haley Institute
23 Sheep Hill Lane
Truro NS  B2N 5E3
or Fax 902.895.5528

We are currently accepting applications to be waitlisted for future cohorts. Please begin the process by emailing extended.learning@dal.ca and by ordering transcripts to be sent to the Faculty of Agriculture - Extended Learning from ALL post-secondary institutions that you have attended.

If you require further information please contact extended.learning@dal.ca, phone 902.893.6666 or fill out the form below: