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Department News

Heather Brown  –  Speakers
Speaking at the Maritime Beef Producers, Moncton, NB: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6380924808326103040/
BSS  –  Students
Truro Daily News article about Lauren Pattison, IFB Student, and her experiences with the program. https://www.trurodaily.com/living/dal-ac-a-transforming-rural--experience-for-urbanized-student-184557/
BSS  –  News
Have a peak at recent news items from Global News and The Globe and Mail.

Business and Social Sciences

A diverse department providing opportunities to take courses in a broad range of disciplines including psychology, sociology, English, history, business and economics. Consider how culture, politics and literature influence and inform rural life and economy.  Participate in projects that promote the well-being of rural citizens and the viability of the food industry in Canada. Learn more about the Department of Business & Social Sciences.