Study at the Faculty of Agriculture in Truro

Located one hour from Halifax in Truro, NS, Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus is a great place to study, work and live.

Top 5 reasons to study International Food Business at Dalhousie:

  1. Four years, two degrees: Our "dual degree" program means you'll graduate in 4 years with 2 bachelor's degrees - 1 in business administration from Europe and 1 in agriculture from Canada.
  2. International work experience: Gain global work experience through job placements in both North America and Europe.
  3. Join an ever-growing industry: The importance of the food value chain will only increase as our food needs and supply issues become more complex in the global economy.
  4. Create an international network: Through your studies and work terms, you'll establish an international network of contacts, giving you a competitive advantage when you graduate.
  5. Job-market ready: Learn from real-world situations and graduate with the confidence and skills to take on a wide range of exciting career opportunities.

What will I learn?


In the first year of the IFB program, you’ll learn about international food systems and the food value chain, macroeconomics, and how global politics and the legal environment affect the food business. You’ll also acquire essential communication and management skills.

What can I do?


Getting two degrees - a Bachelor of Business Administration from Aeres University of Applied Sciences (formerly CAH Vilentum University) and a Bachelor of Agriculture from Dal - means you'll be prepared for a range of careers in international business. Business management theory combined with practical training will give you the advantage in today's competitive job market, or in starting your own business in the global food industry.