Steve Reeves

The 2005 Young Alumnus Achievement Award is presented to Steve Reeves, Class of 1997.

What began as a reigniting of Steve's passion for agriculture during his time at NSAC is now a partnership with his father on the family's seventh generation farm in Freetown, Prince Edward Island. It's a partnership he's grateful for, offering him opportunities he never could have realized alone.

This renewed interest in farming sidelined Steve's plans for Vet College. In his last year at NSAC he bought 20 beef feeders. When he sold them he bought a kilogram and a half of milk quota and started his dairy career

Steve's initial goals were to double the farm's herd and construct a new dairy facility. In December 2001, these goals were fulfilled with a 400 per cent increase in quota and the construction of a new dairy facility. Today, Steve and his wife Jessica are focussed on producing a high quality product, improving genetics, increasing cow comfort and completing projects stemming from their environmental farm plan.

The BSE crisis has turned their focus inward as they cull their herd and purchase new breeding stock. And their efforts are turning measurable results, increasing the herd's genetic potential more in the past year than in the previous decade. Herd performance improvements are continuing with one of Steve's current projects. He's using more lights in the barn to see if there's a relationship between daylong photoperiod lighting and stimulating milk production.

Steve is also very involved in his community. He is Director of the Kensington Co-op, a member of the Milk Marketing Board and the National Farmers Union, District Representative for the Kensington Dairy Club and coaches or plays for several sports teams. In addition he is active with the Central Holstein Club and Director of the P.E.I. Young Farmers. He is currently working towards his non-commercial pilot's license.

Steve and his wife Jessica were the 2005 winners of the Atlantic Outstanding Young Farmers program. They will represent the region at Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers national competition in November.

For his early accomplishments in the business of farming, for being a leader and innovator in agriculture and for his exemplary community service, Steve Reeves is the ideal recipient for the inaugural Young Alumnus Achievement award.

Presented by past Principal Dr. Garth Coffin
October 15th, 2005