Past Installations

Research Cruises that have installed the Dal-SOOP underway system

Irish Celtic Explorer: A02 Go-Ship Cruise 

From April 17th to May 23rd the SOOP system collected 5 weeks of data from two crossings of the North Atlantic, from Galway, Ireland to St. John's, NFLD and back.

Onboard there were three underway systems running simultaneously; one was the General Oceanics system on the Celtic Explorer run by the Irish Marine Institute and two (OceanPack2 and Dal-SOOP) installed for this survey by Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia, Canada).

Aside from quantifying the CO2 fluxes at the moment, the main goal here was to compare and validate these systems for future applications on commercial Ship Of Opportunity (SOOP), other research vessels and platforms (such as gliders), to further increase our data coverage of the surface ocean and hopefully improve our yearly estimates (and variability) of the uptake of CO2 by the oceans.


R/V Merian MSM73 

CERC.OCEAN PhD candidate, Ricardo Arruda Monteiro da Silva, participated in a cruise onboard R/V Maria S. Merian (MSM-73) crossing the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean, starting in Cadiz, Spain, on April 6th and ended in St. John's on April 28th , 2017.