X‑Ray Safety

X-Ray Safety Program

The teaching and research activities at Dalhousie Univeristy employ numerous and varied sources of radiation in the form of nuclear substances and radiation emitting devices. The policies and procedures of the Radiation Safety Program are designed to provide a reasonable and practical standard of safety for the use of radiation emitting devices in the university and to assist in compliance with all applicable regulations and codes as well as the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable). 

Providing a safe and healthy environment in university laboratories is a shared responsibility of all those involved. No set of rules can cover all possible eventualities, hence, workers must excercise sound judgment in all of their work.

The Radiation Safety Manager (RSM) is responsible for the Radiation Safety Program. At Dalhousie University, x-ray safety applies to various types of x-ray devices, including analytical x-rays, dental x-rays, and industrial radiography. The program is designed to minimize hazards associated with all x-ray sources on university campuses. 

X-Ray Registration

To register an x-ray, please submit the X-Ray Registration Form [PDF - 89 KB] to the RSM. X-ray permits are valid for one year. After each year you must complete the X-Ray Renewal Form [PDF - 34 KB ] to renew your permit. If you need to make changes to your x-ray permit at any time, please submit an X-Ray Admendment Form [PDF - 27 KB].

X-Ray Safety Training

Personnel training on x-ray devices is the responsibility of the Principle Investigator in charge of the device. Training dates must be maintained by the individual PI and must be included on the X-Ray Registration Form. 


Declaration of Pregnancy [PDF - 24 KB]

X-Ray Registration Form [PDF - 89 KB]

X-Ray Permit Renewal Form [PDF - 34 KB] 

X-Ray Permit Amendment Form [ 27 KB] 


Radiation Emitting Devices Act

Radiation Emitting Devices Regulations

Safety Code 28 - Radiation Protection in Veterinary Medicine [PDF - 195 KB]

Safety Code 30 - Recommended Safety Procedures for the Use of Dental X-Ray Equipment [PDF - 329 KB]

Safety Code 32 - Safety Requirements and Guidance for Analytical X-Ray Equipment [PDF - 123 KB]

Safety Code 34 - Radiation Protection and Safety for Industrial X-Ray Equipment [PDF - 436 KB]