X‑Ray Safety

X-Ray Safety Program

The X-Ray Safety Program is intended to assist the university community in the safe use of x-ray emitting devices. The policies and procedures in the program help provide guidance in the effective control of x-ray hazards, assist in compliance with all applicable regulations and codes, and keep radiation exposures as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). 

All persons who possess or use x-ray emitting devices on Dalhousie’s campuses must comply with the policies and procedures in the Dalhousie University X-Ray Safety Program. 

All x-ray emitting devices on Dalhousie campuses must be purchased, permitted, transferred, and disposed of appropriately under the approval and guidance of the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). The purchase of all x-ray emitting devices must adhere to the Health Canada Radiation Emitting Devices Act and Regulations.

To learn more about how to register an x-ray device and apply for an x-ray permit, please log in to our myDal site.


Acts and Regulations

Radiation Emitting Devices Act [external link]

Radiation Emitting Devices Regulations [external link]

Health Canada Resources

Guide-001: Guidance Document for Cabinet X-Ray Equipment [external link]

Safety Code 28 - Radiation Protection in Veterinary Medicine [PDF - 195 KB]

Safety Code 30 - Recommended Safety Procedures for the Use of Dental X-Ray Equipment [PDF - 329 KB]

Safety Code 32 - Safety Requirements and Guidance for Analytical X-Ray Equipment [PDF - 123 KB]

Addendum to Safety Code 32: Portable, hand-held, x-ray tube based open-beam XRF devices [PDF - 293 KB]

Safety Code 34 - Radiation Protection and Safety for Industrial X-Ray Equipment [PDF - 436 KB]