Our Shared Plan: Exceptional Student Experience

The first of the five pillars in Dalhousie’s Third Century Promise Strategic Plan represents our commitment to providing exceptional student experiences. In fact, the first action item listed to support this pillar speaks directly to providing excellent online and blended learning opportunities for students. Dalhousie’s eLearning Strategy details our goals and priorities in offering high-quality online and blended instruction, through providing
accessible and flexible learning experiences for diverse learners and supporting faculty in their teaching.







Academic Technology Services (ATS) and the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) Support Model

ATS and CLT work together—and in partnership with the faculties, departments, and individual course instructors—to support online teaching. In addition, the Dalhousie Libraries have course-specific supports, including liaison librarians, subject guides, eReserves, and more. Support for online and blended teaching falls along a spectrum—from the 
technological on one end to the pedagogical at the other, with the two intersecting and overlapping.

Get in touch with Academic Technology Services

Academic Technology Services

ATS staff support technical needs, online teaching software, and training on Brightspace and other Dalhousie-supported eLearning tools and technologies. Get in touch with ATS today
Get in touch with the Centre for Learning and Teaching

Centre for Learning and Teaching

The CLT eLearning Team works with Faculty individually or in groups—and through workshops and webinars—on online and blended course design and pedagogical uses of eLearning tools and technology. Contact CLT today!