Health Insurance

International Visiting Research Students are required to have health insurance. All insurance is provided through the Dalhousie Student Union Health Plan Office. Your length of stay at Dalhousie will determine which type of insurance you are eligible for. For more information about coverage options and the eligibility for each, please review the sections below. For additional information, visit the DSU International Health Plan page on Dalhousie’s Student Health & Wellness website.

Visiting Research Students who are at Dalhousie for a full term or the full academic year will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the DSU International Health Plan. For stays longer than one term, but shorter than a full academic year, students can request to have the health plan pro-rated by contacting the DSU Health Plan Office within one week of their arrival. To be eligible for pro-rated billing, students must present their Dalhousie letter of acceptance and the Invitation Letter from their Dalhousie Supervisor.

Short Durations

Visiting Research Students who are at Dalhousie for short durations (anything under 4 months/1 term) may be eligible to opt out of the DSU International Health Plan and enroll under the DSU Short Term Plan by contacting the DSU Health Plan Office within one week of their arrival.

Private Coverage

If a student has their own health insurance (private coverage), they may be able to opt-out of the Dalhousie Plan. To do so, the student must take a copy of their health insurance plan to the DSU Health Plan Office. The DSU will evaluate the plan to ensure that it meets the minimum coverage of the Student VIP opt-out policy guidelines.

Please contact the DSU Health Plan Office ( if you have any questions about health insurance.