Register for Classes

When you applied to Dal, you filled out a course selection form. Have this form handy when you start to officially register. Class registration can seem complicated, but it's important to do it as soon as possible.

Need help registering for your classes online? Watch our step-by-step instructional video

Registering for Classes

Registration for classes will depend on the type of exchange program you are in (see below).

Department-Specific Exchange Programs: Contact the administrator of your particular program for assistance with class registration.

University-Wide Exchange Programs: Complete a Class Selection Form [PDF 262k]

Exchange students submit their first Class Request Form when they apply to Dalhousie University. Use this form for all subsequent requests. Please consult the Academic Timetable to fill this form out properly. Submit your completed Class Selection Form to the International Centre.

Available space in a class

The Enrolment Information column shows the maximum number of students admissible to the class, current enrolment, and how many spaces are remaining.

Obtaining Class Overrides

Overrides allow non-Dalhousie students to register for second-, third-, and fourth-year classes. The International Centre must obtain overrides from instructors for you to be eligible to register for classes. We will contact you when we receive the overrides. You can register for a particular class once an override has been granted. Classes will fill up even if you have an override; please register as soon as you can after you get the notice that the override has been completed.

Select Registration under Web for Students.

Choose classes you want to take:

1. Click Add/Drop Classes, Select Term, then Submit. Make sure to always select Fall, Winter, or Summer.

2. Enter the CRN for the classes you want to register for. The classes you've chosen will be listed on the screen under the Current Schedule heading.

3. If a class you are registering for has a lab or tutorial component, make sure you register for both the class and the lab/tutorial at the same time.

View Your Schedule

When you have completed the registration process, you should review your schedule.

1. Go back to the main Web for Students page.

2. Select Registration, then select “Student Schedule by Day & Time.” When you select the term (Fall, Winter, or Summer), your schedule will be displayed.

3. For more details about the classes you have registered for, go to the Student Detail Schedule under Registration.

It is your responsibility to ensure that there are no schedule conflicts. If a conflict exists, the conflicting class will not appear on your schedule but below it on the web page. It is very important to check your schedule after you register to ensure there are no conflicts. If all your classes show on the schedule, and there are no course names listed below it, you are ready to go!